Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Hawaiian Black, one of our Classic Variety sea salts, is one of our most popular and approachable selections and a great way to dip one’s toe into the Sea Salt Shack product library.

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Hawaiian Black Sea Salt

Fresh from Hawaii! This exotic variety matches its vibrant black color to the unique terrain of the Islands. Blended with activated charcoal near where lava flows meet Pacific waters, our Hawaiian black sea salt is an enhancement that will intensify your dishes and surprise your guests with a savory, rather than spicy, flavor.

Total net weight: 2oz

WARNING: Our salts have no fillers, anti-caking agents, artificial flavors/additives. Clumping is natural and some of your salt may stick together. Just rub any chunks with your fingers or use a utensil and you’re good to go!

About the product

Part of the Classic Variety Four Pack
Gourmet sea salts with an array of trace minerals
All natural, no flavors, colors, or preservatives
Certified Kosher and Organic-Compatible (no salt is certified organic)
Packaged exclusively by Sea Salt Shack