Indulgent Variety Four Pack

Sea Salt Shack brings you the finest collection of salts from around the globe. This curated selection presents sea salts blended with four indulgent ingredients.

Starting with real sea salt, Merlot wine, vanilla beans, habanero peppers, and lime essence are added to a thick brine solution while the salt is curing. As the mix dries, deliciously rich flavor is blended into each in order to create a thoroughly enjoyable addition for your culinary repertoire.

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Merlot Wine Sea Salt
A marriage of two favorites: luscious red wine and natural sea salt. Savory with a tart finish, this Merlot-infused salt is an elegant enhancement to recipes calling for wine. A key part of French cooking, this dark currant-hued mix makes an excellent rub or indulgent dessert finishing salt.

Vanilla Bean Sea Salt
Introduce the exquisite to the everyday with our delicious blend of Italian truffles and fine sea salt. Delight your guests with earthy, umami flavor that will impart decadence on any dish. A requisite in pomme frites, add a touch of affordable luxury to eggs, risotto, soup, seafood, or red meat.

Habanero Heat Sea Salt
Not just for breakfast, this rich blend combines roasted espresso beans with sea salt. It’s a full-bodied addition to intensify red meat from chateaubriand to grilled burgers. A perfect option to embolden your favorite rub or marinade or a new take on desserts like salted caramels.

Lime Twist Sea Salt
Our signature herbal blend fuses Mediterranean influence with natural sea salt. A fragrant, pine-like flavor brings a garden freshness to any dish; adding depth and warmth to comfort foods. Rosemary is a staple ingredient of Italian cooking used to enhance chicken, pork, and lamb dishes.

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WARNING: Our salts have no fillers, anti-caking agents, artificial flavors/additives. Clumping is natural and some of your salt may stick together. Just rub any chunks with your fingers or use a utensil and you’re good to go! PLEASE NOTE: Salts settle in shipment; your salt may appear to have less truffle than the image. Shake to evenly disperse contents.

About the product

Classic Variety Four Pack: Merlot Wine, Vanilla Bean, Habanero Heat, Lime Twist
Gourmet sea salts with an array of trace minerals
All natural, no flavors, colors, or preservatives
Certified Kosher and Organic-Compatible (no salt is certified organic)
Packaged exclusively by Sea Salt Shack