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Sea Salt Shack brings you the finest collection of salts from around the globe. Select four 2oz varieties to create your own custom variety pack!

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Hawaiian Black Sea Salt
Fine grain, 1mm

Hawaiian Red Sea Salt
Fine grain, 1mm

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
Medium, almost coarse finishing or grinder salt, 2-3mm

French Grey Sea Salt
Tamise grain, 1-3mm

Infused. Each starts from a thick brine solution infused with herbs and spices to impart flavors while the salt is curing. Salts are small to medium grain for cooking or finishing.

Habanero Heat Sea Salt

Vanilla Bean Sea Salt

Jalapeno Spice Sea Salt

Lemon Zest Sea Salt

Robust Garlic Sea Salt

Rosemary Herb Sea Salt

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

Merlot Wine Sea Salt

WARNING: Our salts have no fillers, anti-caking agents, artificial flavors/additives. Clumping is natural and some of your salt may stick together. Just rub any chunks with your fingers or use a utensil and you’re good to go!

About the product

Custom Variety Four Pack: Choose Your Flavors
Gourmet sea salts with an array of trace minerals
All natural, no flavors, colors, or preservatives
Certified Kosher and Organic-Compatible (no salt is certified organic)
Packaged exclusively by Sea Salt Shack